Weyer Tactical: The Best Ohio Concealed Carry CCW Classes.


Weyer Tactical teaches a wide range of classes from beginner to advanced. Our classes include Concealed Carry Courses, Defensive Shooting, Self Defense and Karate, Customizing and Maintenance of Firearms, and Medical Courses. We also offer Risk Mitigation Services for your organization or business.

Weyer Tactical houses some of the best and most experienced instructors in a variety of disciplines. No other company can match the experience or passion exuded by our instructors. This allows us to offer the best value in education at the most affordable cost for even the most budget-minded Ohio residents.

Our Shooting Instructors have prior military and current police experience and are well versed in Ohio laws and how to best prepare the public to prevent danger. Our classes give you the tools to prepare, prevent and protect yourself and your dependents.

Our Karate and Self Defense Instructors all carry various degrees of black belts with well over 50 years of combined teaching experience. We know self-defense does not begin and end with just knowing how to shoot.

Our gunsmith, is internationally recognized for his knowledge and skill with a vast array of weapon platforms because knowing how to maintain your gun is as important as carrying it.

Our medical classes are lead by an instructor experienced in both law enforcement and the military and he is certified as a tactical medic. This is more than just a typical boo boo class.

And our NRA instructors are lead by a truly dedicated and experienced individual who is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others.

Be sure to check out our gallery to see what to expect then book your CCW class with Weyer Tactical. We look forward to helping you on your way towards obtaining an Ohio Concealed Carry License.

Prepare • Prevent • Protect

Martial Arts TrainingCheap Ohio CCW ClassesWeyer Tactical the best Ohio Concealed Carry CCW Classes.

Based Locally in Ohio, Stark County, and Alliance.

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