Weyer Tactical houses some of the best and most experienced instructors in a variety of disciplines. No other company can match the experience or passion exuded by our instructors.

Our Shooting Instructors have prior military and current police experience and are well versed in Ohio laws and how to best prepare the public to prevent danger.

Our gunsmith, is internationally recognized for his knowledge and skill with a vast array of weapon platforms.

Our medical classes are lead by an instructor experienced in both law enforcement and the military and he is certified as a tactical medic.

Joe Weyer

Joe Weyer created Weyer Tactical after years of law enforcement and military experience. He began his career serving in a Special Operations Unit in the Army in the late 1980s. He had a strong desire to bring his knowledge and experience from the military to the public so he became a police officer with Alliance Police Department and received training from some of the best instructors in the United States and abroad.

Operationally, Joe has participated in and led over 300 critical operations from protective details to high-risk warrants to barricades. Joe is a state certified firearms instructor in multiple weapon platforms, certified instructor through Homeland Security in several counter-terrorism topics, as well as an NRA certified instructor.

He has taught hundreds of military personnel, police officers (both domestic and foreign) and qualified citizens in various use-of-force disciplines ranging from basic and advanced handgun to carbine and shotgun. In addition to being a full time police officer, Joe is the Team Commander of the city’s Special Response Team, Region 5 Training Coordinator for the OTOA, and the owner of Weyer Tactical.

Mike Jones

Mike has been a police officer since 2001 and with the Alliance Police Department since 2005 where he has served as a patrol officer and Special Investigations Detective. Mike is currently a Detective assigned to the FBI Safe Streets Task Force in Stark County which investigates violent crimes, narcotics, gangs and other major crimes.

Mike is the Senior Operational Team Leader for the Alliance Special Response Team and has been a tactical officer since 2003. Mike has been involved in several hundred operations involving high risk warrant service, barricaded subjects, hostage rescue and high risk fugitive apprehensions. Mike is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and a certified OPOTA (Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission) Instructor in Semi-Auto Pistol and Carbine. Mike is also an instructor in several other subjects ranging from mechanical, ballistic, thermal and explosive breaching to CQB, Less Lethal, Chemical munitions and Post Blast Investigations. Mike has trained hundreds of police and military personnel, both domestic and foreign, as well responsible citizens in subjects ranging from CCW to Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and CQB.

Bill Clark

Bill has been a military member since 2002. He started his career as an active duty US Army member and served as an Infantryman in the 75th Ranger Regiment. There he deployed to Iraq twice and is a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. While deployed, he participated in hundreds of special operations missions in support thereof.

Since leaving active duty, Bill is now a police officer with Stow Police Department and has been a member of the Ohio National Guard. There he has been a firearms and tactics instructor for the last six years, and has trained hundreds of personnel every year in the use of their issued service weapons.

Bill has also trained many law enforcement officers in Northeast Ohio, as well as foreign law enforcement officers with their primary and secondary weapon systems.

Bill is also the graduate of many weapons and tactics schools including, LMS Defense (Last Man Standing, John “Chappy” Chapman), EAG Tactical (Pat Rogers, USMC/ NYPD Ret) and many others. Bill’s experience and continued dedication to those that he trains make him a knowledgeable and exceptional instructor.

Zach Clark

Zach graduated Walsh University in 2011 with two bachelors degrees and has been a police officer since 2011 where he is assigned to patrol.  He is also currently a member of the Alliance Special Response Team and has been for the last 5 years.   Zach has been involved in several high risk search warrants. Zach is and instructor in many different categories. He is an OPOTA Certified Semi-auto pistol instructor along with a CQB and Shoothouse Instructor. Zach is trained in mechanical, ballistic and explosive breaching. He has taken many classes from John “Chappy” Chapman (Forge Tactical) and Steve Fisher (Sentinel Concepts). Zach has helped train hundreds of police officers and civilian CCW holders in CQB tactics and shooting fundamentals.

Dave Laubert

Dave’s background knowledge comes from 28 years as a machinist with the last 11 years teaching Precision Machining. In 1999 he opened the doors of Defensive Creations LLC (www.defensivecreations.com) a full service comprehensive gunsmith shop serving Law Enforcement, Military, and Civilians alike.

Dave is a competitive shooter, aggressive and devoted trainee of some of the biggest names in the industry, and works very diligently with customers to stay current on the needs of shooters nationwide.

Being a licensed Manufacturer of firearms, extensive experience with various weapon platforms, and his experience in the industry makes his knowledge base an asset to our group.

Dave is also a member of the American Pistolsmiths Guild, an honor boasted of by only three others in the state of Ohio thanks to his hard work and dedication to his custom built 1911 model firearm.

Shaun Baskerville

Shaun Baskerville began his tactical experience over 15 years ago when he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Shaun held the highest security clearances while serving with a presidential unit, where he planned missions.

Shaun has been deployed to several countries and has worked along side several different military and federal agencies worldwide.

Currently Shaun has 10 years of Law Enforcement experience and is a member of a full time Special Response Team where he acts as an operator, tactical medic and rappel master. In his 7 years with the team Shaun has participated in several hundred missions ranging from manhunts, barricaded subjects to protective details. Shaun is TEMS (tactical emergency medical support) certified along with being a WMD (weapons of mass destruction) technical operator.

Jeff Carper

Jeff comes to Weyer Tactical with a combined 37-years of professional expertise in military, law enforcement and security operations. His duties have included operations, investigations, training, management and consultation.

For the past two-years Jeff has served as Chief of Security for the Alliance Municipal Court where he has expanded the security posture to a contemporary level. He served 10-years in the military in various combat arms fields to include three-years with USAF Combat Control. During his seventeen-year law enforcement career he served in patrol division, as an undercover investigator with the Stark County Metropolitan Narcotics Unit, as a weapons and tactics instructor within the Alliance Police Department as well as an adjunct instructor with OPOTA. In 1998, Jeff developed the former APD Entry Team into a formalized SRT with the assistance of Joe Weyer, M.E. Jones and other APD officers and was the first team commander. In 2000, he developed curriculum for and established a successful Basic SWAT School in Alliance which drew officers from several agencies throughout the state.

In 2005, Jeff took a leave of absence from APD to pursue a security contracting position with an Other Government Agency (OGA). This move led to his resignation from the Alliance Police Department in October 2006 as a lieutenant. Jeff performed static security duties as a team member and supervisor in support of Operation Enduring Freedom for 8-years. During his tenure he gained valuable security experience within a combined ex-patriot/indigenous security team providing protection to diplomats at clandestine bases.

Jeff has attended many weapons and tactics schools to include; Mid-South Institute of Self-Defense Shooting, USMC Law Enforcement Sniper Course, Tiger Swan, H&K and CQD. He is also a Certified Protection Specialist and Certified Security Specialist through Executive Security International, Ltd. where he graduated with honors in 2013.

Through real-world experience, being assigned in several leadership roles and as an instructor, Jeff has attained skill and knowledge in developing, writing and implementing emergency action plans, policies, procedures and training programs related to security and protection which can enhance postures of physical and personal security for businesses or individuals.

Randy Weyer

Randy brings a vast array of training and experience to our training lineup. He proudly served as an MP in the Army for eight years, three of which were spent in tours overseas. He is an expert in multiple weapon systems and has provided extensive training to hundreds of soldiers in courses such as CQB, small arms and small unit tactics.

He also has experience in personal security and dignitary protection. Randy not only has the skills to perform, he has the unique ability and the patience to teach novice and beginner shooters how they can improve.

Gatlin Weyer

Gatlin has a passion for firearms and hunting that he developed at a young age passing his hunter safety course at age 7 scoring 100 percent.

At age 9 he began his study of Sogo Karate Do and has achieved his black belt in this art.

He is our youngest NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and he continues to increase his knowledge of pistol and rifle skills and safe gun handling. Gatlin has also completed the Magpul Firearms Course.

His attitude toward learning and his ability to teach already make him a very valuable asset to the Weyer Tactical Training Staff.

Caity Schneider

Caity brings a lot of knowledge and experience to the Weyer Tactical staff. She was a juvenile probation officer for five years and is currently a partner at the law firm Lundgren & Schneider.

Caity is the Operations Manager at Weyer Tactical and handles most of the administrative and technological aspects, however, she is a qualified NRA Pistol Instructor as well. With a wide array of knowledge and experience, Caity is an integral part to Weyer Tactical’s staff.